Friday, 25 June 2010

Sonatta Morales LOVES Myrna Loy

Myrna Loy, one of the goddesses in my private pantheon.
I admit, in the beginning I was negatively influenced by my mom - she adores Myrna Loy so much that it kind of put me off for some time. I wasn't really sure who Myrna was in my childhood but whenever her name was dropped around my mom the reaction would be an over the top "OHMYRNAWHATALOVELYNOSEILOVEHERSOMUCH!" and that was enough to make me run. Well, how she became one my favorites is no mystery: she starred The Mask of Fu Manchu with Boris Karloff, one of my favorite films ever ever, bear with me, it has Karloff in it playing the evil Dr.Fu Manchu and Myrnawhatalovelynoseilovehersomuch Loy as his evil daughter Fah Lo See. And it was filmed in 1932. And Myrna smokes from a long cigarette holder and wants her father to give her the good boy played by the delicious Charles Starrett so she can take good care of him. Naughty girl.
The Mask of Fu Machu is part of my life, one of the films I watch when I'm in need of some brain comfort food...and Myrna Loy, I love you so much!